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Maximize your Restaurant Business Through Smart Ordering App

eGrub is a smart application designed for any android device to optimize and streamline your restaurant’s ordering process. eGrub embraces latest growing Tablet and Mobile Technologies and help the client in achieving its goals for improving productivity, reducing costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction by providing technological solutions and services for key processes like: Table Management, Point of Sales solutions, Streamlined and Paperless Ordering, Reporting and Analytics feature.

Empower your Customers

Give your customers the power to customize their orders according to their preference. With easy navigation and built in user guide, your customers will be able to send orders to the kitchen seamlessly.

Create your Menu like a Pro

Customize the theme, upload HD photos and videos to make your food appear more enticing, add spice or allergen filters and so much more. Categorize the menu items accordingly and promote your best-selling dishes effortlessly.

Generate More Revenue

Attract more customers by engaging them in interactive digital ordering system. The society’s growing fascination in digital technology, raises customer curiosity and satisfaction. Get your customers hooked on, the enticing dishes you have uploaded and the unique, excellent customer service of your restaurant.

Save More Money

Reduce your restaurant’s need for manpower by automating orders giving them more free time to attend to other customers and lessen the need to schedule more servers during busy hours. Diminish the need to reprint menus whenever new items are added to the menu.

Eliminate Order Inconsistencies and Unnecessary Hassle

Take orders directly from the customers to the tablet and eliminate the horror of delivering wrong dishes to your customer’s table. “Call Server” button is just a touch away, notifying the servers that a customer needs assistance without the hassle of calling out the server’s name loudly..

Effortless Billing

Display the running bill while the customers order. Eliminate the risk of recalling the already ordered dish, thus, making the order process easier and more efficient for both the customer and the server.

Real-time Data Analytics and Inventory System

Track your restaurant’s more popular dishes of the week automatically. Data collected can help you forecast for future demand, ensuring that your kitchen has stocked up on the right amount of ingredients for every dish. Cut down on any wastes generated from ingredients not used due to the lack in demand for certain dishes.

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